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Oldroyd manufactures a wide range of drainage membranes for the building and construction industries. Oldroyd is a leader in innovation and the basic product design is protected by patent as are several aspects of the production system.

Oldroyd has established its position as a market leader in membrane technology and production. Oldroyd’s products are already used extensively across Europe and North America, and the company is constantly looking to develop new products and solutions...

22. Apr, 2009

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22. Apr, 2009


Multi-Layer Technology

Oldroyd membranes now feature Multi-Layer TechnologyTM. This provides a stronger sandwich construction allowing recycled material to be incorporated within the centre layer. This is of benefit both to the product and the enviroment.

22. Apr, 2009


Product spotlight

Oldroyd TM

Oldroyd TM is developed to serve as a waterproof root barrier for turf roofs.  The membrane is easily welded. The materials used in the membrane are environmentally friendly, 100% recycleble and has an life expectancy of more than 50 years.


Oldroyd RMA  

Oldroyd RMA is developed to serve as a barrier against radon gas. RMA are easy to weld. The materials used in the membrane are environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and has a life expectancy of more than 50 years.

Vismabuilding Oslo
Copyright Dark Arkitekter as 
Visma, a Norwegian founded consulting business, will have their new headquarter in the third building in the Barcode development. The building has two roof areas with sedum. More info 

Sedum roof at Paradis Railway Station, Stavanger, Norway
The Paradis station now has a thriving green roof that has been constructed using products designed to be as ecologically sound as possible. More info.

Newbuild academy London
Basement drainage at new build academy in London 
The new academy has two storeys below ground and for safe drainage the choise fell on Oldroyd Xv20 for floor drainage. For the walls Oldroyd Xv was fixed with Oldroyd Brick plugs.

KLP-Building Bjørvika Oslo
Copyright Oslo S Utvikling AS
Sedum and roofgardens on new KLP building!
Oldroyd delivers XV20 GreenXTra to the new KLP building in Bjørvika Oslo!
Building number 2 in the Barcode-chain has 5 roof areas which are all green. 3 of them will be built as roof gardens and the 2 others will be covered with sedum.
Oldroyd is proud to contribute to a greener environment at Oslo's seaside! More info.